PMSite - Simple web framework for PushMode

PMSite is a simplistic application framework built on top of PushMode HTML streaming library. PushMode is a generic HTML streaming engine that is kept lightweight in order to remain relevant for a wide range of applications. PMSite is a simple (even lazy) web framework for PushMode that offers defaults for everything. PMSite however places no constraints on site content or page layout.

PMSite has basic built-in support for page templates (plain XML), widget API, live reload, web server integration (jetty), analytics (Google Analytics), cookies, preference storage, sitemaps,, and of course an API to define site and page structure.


PMSite is in early alpha stage. Most code is a temporary placeholder for future implementation. Development stage is tracked on class level using Stagean annotations.


Get PMSite from Maven Central:


Or clone sources from GitHub or Bitbucket. Don't forget to configure your build for Java 11+. Sources and binaries are distributed under Apache License 2.0.

If your project is a Java module, add the following declaration to your

requires com.machinezoo.pmsite;


There is scarcely any javadoc at the moment. You can however dig into (not that complicated) source code.


PMSite is being developed by Robert Važan. If you have any suggestions, including requests for documentation, report an issue (GitHub, Bitbucket) or submit a pull request (GitHub, Bitbucket). You can reach the author via email ....